Wednesday, June 14, 2006

T Day

T-day has arrived. That’s right, Tractor Day. I know that everyone else thought that it was Flag Day, but here at Casa Holland, it was Tractor Day. It is really just a riding lawn mower, but when you are 2 and everything is big compared to you, it is a full-fledged tractor.

It is quarter to nine here and the boys are just now in bed for keeps. They were in bed at 8:15 when we got home from church, but then Joe had to test the new lawn mower a bit. I could hear them both yelling from their beds, “Hi, Daddy! Hi!” since they could clearly see him circling the lawn below them out the window. A few minutes later, little feet on the stairs and Will breezes through the kitchen, “I going out to see tractor.” “Okay,” I concede. Joseph follows a minute later, after seeing that Will didn’t get punished for getting out of bed. Both gleefully chase Joe around the yard and I snap a picture of Daddy and sons together astride their new toy/machine.

(And no, just in case you are wondering….unfortunately, the purchase of the lawn mower is not due to our Jackson house selling. It is just due to a %0 financing deal from Sears until 2007.)

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