Friday, May 26, 2006


The boys finding 3 toads under a board in our side yard….Will’s face was priceless when the one that he was holding jumped.

Herding 3 screaming children out of the house when I accidentally set off the panic alarm and its siren blares while a robotic voice yells, “Send help! Sensor 31! Send help!!!”

Having a sheriff’s deputy stop by 10 minutes later to check on us.

Watching Will and Joseph run naked through the sprinklers in our front yard. “It’s a little cold, Mama.”

Walking down the long drive to the street holding hands with Joe and seeing the stars 10 times brighter than we did in Jackson.

Scrubbing 20 years of soap scum from the shower doors for 15 minutes.

Walking by the shower later in the day after the door dried and seeing no difference.