Thursday, December 16, 2004

Well, for those who may be wondering, we are home and trying to get back into usual routines. We got home on Sunday night late (really early Monday morning) just in time to thwart some thieves from making off with our neighbor’s car radio. We live in a nice middle class neighborhood, but were hit by two young men who were breaking into cars and stealing purses and radios. Fortunately, my husband heard them and dialed 911, and described events as they unfolded to the operator so that she could direct the police. We didn’t know at the time that they were just targeting cars. We were concerned for our safety and for that of our neighbors too. Unfortunately, the young men got away by jumping into a rainwater gully and running.

We felt so thankful to God when we looked back on all that happened that night….thankful that we came home that night instead of the next. Thankful that we had gotten in so late which meant that my husband was “less asleep” at 3 AM than he would be on a normal night. Thankful that they just were going for cars and not homes or people. Thankful that Joe was awakened by the noise and reacted quickly and calmly. Thankful that the police responded so quickly (not necessarily a given in this city). Thankful for God’s continual mercy and protection of our family.

On a side note, it was especially comical to be thankful for the police that night. I had been pulled over for speeding about 15 minutes before we got home at 1:30 AM. I have never been pulled over before and so I was pretty traumatized, although Joseph thought that the police car behind our Jeep was pretty neat and Joe was more that understanding and kind. I tried to be thankful for police officers and their protection of all of us, but was still feeling a bit unnerved if not annoyed by the whole thing. However, let me tell you, after having 6 able officers respond to a 3 AM 911 emergency, I was thankful once again!!

I’ll write soon about my little sister’s wedding and all of our other travel adventures (and there were some!). For now, we are having Joe’s staff and their spouses over for dinner tonight. That means I have to serve dinner for 16 in two hours. My preparations have gone well though and I am hoping to be able to enjoy being hospitable rather than running around frazzled at the last minute like usual. Hospitality is definitely a learned art and I am slowly learning!