Friday, March 14, 2014

So proud of myself!

I just had to post this.  I have a beautiful chest of drawers that I got for a wedding present that I love.

However, yesterday Joseph was baking brownies while I was cooking supper and we ran out of counter space.  So when his brownies came out of the oven, we put them on my chest of drawers on top of a ceramic trivet with a cork bottom.  I didn't realize that the trivet was wet.  It left a horrible white spot that I discovered this morning.

Thinking that the chest of drawers was ruined, I decided to risk a tip that I vaguely remembered reading somewhere.  The idea was to use a very hot iron on top of a cotton towel to basically steam the white spot out.  It worked!

It took a while because I was very careful.  I just used an old bath towel and continually "ironed" over the spot, with the towel between the iron and the table top.  The water would actually condense on top of the table under the towel as I ironed.  I'd just wipe it away with the towel and keep going.

Table saved--yay!