Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy 6th

Six years ago today I married my Prince Charming. We celebrated in style--a full day here at home with the boys (plus, I got a 2 hour nap mid-afternoon!) Bryan and Meg left this morning after a short, but good visit. Between visiting, a lightening storm, and Joseph's nightmares we didn't get to bed last night until after midnight. Thus, the nap was a much needed part of the day.

Joe mowed all day, but is still at the point with the new riding mower that mowing is fun. That will change in time, I know, but for now it is nice.

We had steak, fresh cucumbers, and baked potatoes for supper and French chocolate snowball for dessert!!! After supper, we walked around outside a bit and I picked a few blueberries. We capped off the evening with Sabbath preparations and a quick prepstepping dance to ITunes in the office. David is going to be baptized at church in the morning--adding to an already busy time at church!!

Oh, and the latest picture is from the other day when Joe left the boys unattended outside. Of course, Joseph smeared mud all over Will!!

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