Friday, June 30, 2006


The bigger boys were playing outside in the pool while I watched from the kitchen window and fed David. They started dumping all of the water out of the pool by holding the sides down and gallons of water poured onto the yard. I ran outside to tell them to stop, leaving David in his highchair. When I got back inside, I found out that David was too hungry to wait for me. The picture doesn’t do it justice though—the bright green mashed avocados were smeared everywhere!

We’ve been doing well and staying busy. The highlight of the week was Miller’s 6th birthday last night. There was coloring, a bug hunt, cupcakes, a piƱata, hot dogs, and candy…what else could any little boy want? The whole family went and we all enjoyed it.

We are waiting to get the final word that the signatures are on the contract to sell our Jackson house. We agreed with the buyers yesterday on a price and conditions, but I am leery until it is all signed. Actually, I will still be concerned until we have closed, which is set for the 31st of July.

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