Saturday, June 10, 2006

I’m taking a break from a busy morning working outside.—just checking email and blogging a bit before I go and make lunch. We transplanted two more fruit trees/bushes of some sort—I think plums, a climbing rose, and another fig. We also planted my herbs. Last night I had done more pruning and weeding around the yard and Joe weedwacked more. I guess Mama’s pruning must have inspired us.

Mama and the aunts left yesterday after a wonderful and hard working visit. The upstairs is completely transformed and fabulous. Now, when I walk into the boys’ rooms it looks like home. And the kitchen has been time warped forward by at least 20 years. They worked tirelessly the whole time they were here and we had a good time talking while working too. We’re glad to get back to a quieter life (I must admit to getting increasingly grumpier while they were here as I didn’t get the alone time that I need to recharge), but will greatly miss their company. Highlights of the visit include: Meg’s dead-on impression of Joseph’s elbow-flopping gallop, Leigh winning the wet T-shirt/running through the sprinkler contest, seeing the tanager/”teenager,” showing off my family at the church potluck., having the family “oohh” and “ahh” over a very old, ugly-wallpapered, oddly styled house that has good room for us and an increasingly homely feel, and the previously mentioned “Great Tree Massacre of 2006” provided to us by Mama.

I still can’t believe that they drove 13 hours just to see me and my family!!! I am amazed and so grateful!!!

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