Saturday, December 23, 2006

Words for Mamas

For my Saturday posts, I've decided to start posting some quotes on motherhood and homemaking to encourage all of you mamas out there.

Susan Schaeffer Macaulay in her book For the Family's Sake:

"Have we not heard, have we not seen that human life is a gift, a treasure worth tending? Is it actually more valuable to push a pen on paper or buttons on a computer than to be an expert in human life and its care? Is life more worthwhile because there is never time to pick wild blackberries and make a fruit crumble? Are *things* really more important that *people*? Will the warmth and wisdom of the expertise of caring for each other be handed on? Isn't this an amazingly interesting and complex life vocation on the one hand, and yet clear on the other? I find it so. To me it seems an enormous privilege to be what my children call "Mum." I've found each stage full of challenge and interest."

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