Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas catch-up

I have done what many people (judging from the few new post on my bloglines) did and skipped bloggin the past few days. The day after Christmas, we went to Atlanta to visit Joe's mom and just returned yesterday. It was a fine visit and the boys did the best on the 6 hour trip trip each way of any car trip that I can remember. We only stopped twice for quick stops and that really is the key for long trips. The time with family was good too, although it is never easy to be in someone else's home with small children. I was so glad to be here last night!

We visited the new Atlanta Aquarium on Thursday along with several thousand others. It was miserable! You could not see many of the tanks because people lined the walls 10 deep. And I had heard that it was such a cool place that I was disappointed in general by the exhibits. The large tanks were neat, but all I could think about was how many germs the thousands of people that we were sardined in with must be carrying! (You know that you're a mom when....)

On another and definitely unusual note, Joe and I stayed up until 5 AM last night finishing season 5 of 24, which Joe got for Christmas! We'll be paying for it today, but if we can make it until lunch time, we'll grab naps when the boys nap. We enjoyed it and it was very out of character for us. Now if we can just remember to be nice today we'll be doing fine.

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