Monday, November 01, 2004

Do you ever have those days where you get so much done around the house that you are so proud of yourself? And then, you turn around and realize how much more there is to do? As I am learning more about myself, I realize what a classic perfectionist I am. I can’t be happy with what is because I am thinking of what should be. This perfectionism is one thing when it shows up in how I feel about housework, but another thing altogether when it turns into discontent in God’s provision for me. I need to practice contentment as I learn to rest in who God is and not in myself or in my efforts.

But back to my housework….Today is my major cleaning day. With the way my weekly schedule is, I have found it works best if I devote one day to staying home and doing major house cleaning. Monday is that day and this is what I did today:
Washed towels and bathmats from master bathroom
Vacuumed master bedroom, front entry, living room, and den
Cleaned shower, sink, floor, and toilet in master bathroom
Washed clothes
Made whole wheat bread
Straightened downstairs
Swept back entrance stairs and garage
Swept front porch and sidewalk
Fed and entertained my two boys
The key to my Monday morning marathon cleaning is the fact that Joseph plays outside during Will’s morning nap. As soon as Will goes down, I spray Joseph down with bug spray (the mosquitoes are awful here) and out he goes. He runs around the backyard, and I think that Mondays are probably his favorite morning. He plays with the dog, plays on the swingset/slide/fort, runs around, pushes his lawnmower, and just generally behaves like a little boy outside. Thanks to the many windows in our house, he never goes for a minute or two out of my sight even while I am working. Usually about the time that Will wakes up from his nap, Joseph is ready to come in and I put him straight in the tub because he is always so dirty. I think that is half the reason he loves it so much—I just let him play and get dirty.

Both boys are now down for their afternoon naps and these are my minutes of alone time. I am definitely an introvert—I need my time by myself—time to be quiet and to think. My husband is the extrovert who gets his energy from being around people, but I get re-energized by being alone, not an easy thing for a mom of two wee ones. So, these afternoon times are precious to me.

This afternoon, I hope to finish Joseph’s new Sunday outfit finally. All I have to do is put on the buttons and he’ll be ready to go. The whole thing cost less than $5 and so I’m so proud of myself for stretching our clothing budget and ending up with a cute outfit at the same time.

Well, Will has just drifted off even as I wrote that paragraph and so I’m going to go. The quiet has begun!!!

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