Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Xanga is down tonight…or at least my computer is having trouble loading it. So, I’ll have to write this offline and post it later.

I haven’t written for a while now, but have enjoyed getting daily updates from the blogs that I am subscribed to in my inbox each morning. Although I didn’t feel up to writing, it was comforting to read about others’ lives and happenings. If nothing else, by attempting to blog myself, I have found the sites of Godly women and have enjoyed their anonymous camaraderie. Anonymous camaraderie…an oxymoron, I know. Still, it is what popped into my head to describe the phenomenon of reading about other women’s lives through their blogs. Naturally, after time, one feels a kinship, a bond, and even a friendship with the writer that he has never met or perhaps even communicated with online. And so it is with the women whose blogs I read. May God grant us all encouragement in Him through these shared lives, though the ties between us are but tenuous computer cables and blinking monitors.

We are still struggling with the conflict at our church. My husband is suffering for the sake of the Gospel and we are encouraged by God’s promises. I told one friend today of the trouble and she prayed for me before we got off the phone. Even just being able to express all that has gone on to someone helped and she committed to bringing it before the Lord in prayer too, which was a comfort to my heart as well. My mom and sis (since they are states away, I felt okay with sharing with them what we are dealing with) have been encouraging too…. particularly my mom as she has reminded me of God’s sovereignty even in this, though I can’t see it now. Praise be to God for His faithful servants who come alongside us during difficult times.

all for now. I want to get the house more settled before Joe comes home from another late meeting. And perhaps I’ll get more sewing done on Joseph’s new Sunday outfit.

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