Thursday, October 14, 2004

A few months back, we bought a double stroller, the Cosco Summit High Back Booster Car Seat w/LATCH, to help me be more portable with 2 boys (very convenient, btw). With Will out of the baby carrier car seat, it is even more tricky to go with 2 because he can't just drift off to sleep in his carrier and be seamlessly transferred from car to stroller.

Our adventure today involved a trip to the mall. After happily cocooning at home for so long, it was a harsh jolt to realize how long it had been since I had been shopping. I avoid it anyway because I am just not a shopper, but with trying to trim our budget recently and with Will's moodiness, I have just stayed home. I didn't realize it either until I tried to get out. Several shopping errands have descended on me all of the sudden. I need some new running shoes. I need a birthday present for my little sis. And I need a birthday present for Joseph's best friend Samuel's 2nd birthday party this weekend. We left the mall with none of those things and three tired and cranky people.

It is finally cooler here and so I guess that means I need to add one more thing(!) to my shopping list: warm clothes for the boys!

Speaking of one more thing, I just had to mention The Flylady. More to come about her, but I've been using some of her routines and plans now for about 2 months and it is a pretty good system. Her philosophies are a bit too self-centered for me, but her ideas are helpful.

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