Wednesday, January 03, 2007

With my latest cooking project slightly burned, but still edible....

Yesterday, I posted another thought in my series on motherhood that focused on God's calling to motherhood. Today, I wanted to focus more on the idea of seasons—that there are different phases in God's calling on our lives. A young unmarried woman or married woman without children has time that she will not have once the children come. This is true whether you realize it or not. The freedom and flexibility of your time is one of the blessings of this season of life, and choosing to use that time wisely will prepare you well for being a mama.

On a lighter note, I wanted to mention something to do with this time, in addition to my previous suggestions: LEARN TO COOK. While it is quite fashionable and funny to be a young woman who laughs off not being able to cook a thing, no one wants to live in a household with a mom who can't cook. I mean really, if you could choose, who wouldn't want a mom that could turn out a full delicious Christmas dinner with all of the fixin's (a little Mississippi lingo for all of you northerners). Now, we aren't all cut out to be gourmet chefs, but anyone who can read can learn a small repertoire of easy and nutritious meals and move on from there. The ability to cook really is learned through trial and error, not by some innate gifting.

So, for all of you young single ladies out there who laugh at your lack of domesticity: Get cooking! After all, no one wants a mama who won't.

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