Thursday, January 04, 2007

Have I cashed in my chips too early and gotten helmet head?

Today, I took a spur of the moment opportunity to drive to Jackson (the big city!) to get my hair cut at my favorite froo-froo salon Buzzin' Betty's. I had been growing out my formerly cute hairstyle when I realized that it wasn't doing anything for me, and I at least needed to get a trim to get some style back into my hair. Then, a magazine came in the mail yesterday with the cutest haircut on one of the models and I was hooked.

I brought the magazine with me to the appointment and Liz did an excellent job of recreating on me (28 year old pregnant mom of 3 young boys) the look in the pictures (probably early 20's cute model). As I was driving home though, I was already going crazy with the stiff feel of my hair and the smell of the styling products she used. This is an Aveda salon and so the things are very nice (and quite $$), they are just not me. So, the first thing that I did upon arriving home was to jump into the shower and wash my hair until the smell and stiffness dissipated a bit (believe it or not, from previous experience I know that the smell with probably linger for another day or two despite washings).

The boys were due to wake up from their naps by the time I was done and so I simply blow dried my hair without putting anything in it (I don't usually mind my own limited styling product use) and without trying to style it at all. The result—helmet head!

Now I understand that it is my duty as an American woman to submit to a helmet head haircut around the time that I officially am willing to admit that I am old, I just didn't think it would be so soon! Note to self: New haircut requires at least a minimum of styling unless I am willing to add 40 years to my age.


Laura Webb said...

We wanna see a picture! :)

Hallie Holland said...

Well, we seem to have lost our camera charger so you'll have to be a bit patient. In the mean time, it also gives me more time to learn how to style it!!!