Thursday, July 27, 2006

As of today we were supposed to be the owners of only one home, but true to tradition, things did not turn out as planned. We were not able to close on the sale of our Jackson house because the new owners had not been able to close on the sale of their old house. They are supposed to sell it next Tuesday and then will be qualified to get the loan on our house. I signed my part of the papers today and DV Joe will sign on Tuesday when he is in Jackson for his presbytery meeting. Nothing like more last minute hijinks to improve marital harmony and overall stress levels!

Joe did have his allergist appointment and I got my hair cut while we were in Jackson today. I hate my hair as it is too short and too much "soccer mom" as I told Joe. His response, "Well, at least hair grows back." :) Love that manly thinking.

The boys did pretty well considering they were in the car all day. Since it was our last chance at teh Woodvale house, we loaded up all of teh last minute things and the van was stuffed to the brim. I do have all of my curtains here now and so I will be able to hang them.

It will be such a load off of my mind when the sale goes through and the money is back in the bank....just a few more days of wating.

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