Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Latest adventure in our household….Will is old enough now to take a bath in the normal bathtub and so now the boys take baths together. It is the best thing in the whole world (okay, one of the best) to see my two little naked guys splashing and giggling and playing with the bath toys together. They have such a blast that Joseph asks to take a bath. He asked yesterday morning and I told him he would after dinner. About 10 times after that during the day I heard, “It’s bath time, Mama!” “Not yet, Joseph. After supper.”

So, the long awaited bath time arrived and I had taken Will out and was getting him dressed when I heard Joseph fall. Joe was right there with him and scooped him up right away. His hand slipped on the rim of the tub while he was trying to get out and his mouth/chin hit the rim of the tub hard. Joe and I were both relieved to not see any blood and after cuddling him and getting him to calm down, I started to put on his pjs. He said something and smiled at he, and I almost shrieked in horror. His front tooth was chipped in half! (Okay, so I admit on further examination that it was only 1/4-1/5 chipped off, but to a panicking mother, it looked pretty bad.)

We went to the dentist this afternoon (me and both boys since I didn’t have anyone I know who could watch Will on such short notice), and he got x-rays. The nurse that dealt with Joseph was so sweet to him, and Will did pretty well in the stroller. Dr. T thought that it might have been fracture below the gum line, but the x-rays were inconclusive. So, my big guy might loose his front top tooth at 2 years old! I have to watch to see how it does.

I know that as a mom of two boys that I should get used to this sort of thing, but I only had sisters growing up and so I know that I’ll be in for a whole bunch of new things. I don’t always want to be squeamish about them getting hurt either and don’t want to baby them too much. But still!!! They are my little guys!!!

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