Thursday, May 29, 2008

  • Joe telling me at breakfast that he knows that I am cooking the same things, but that they just taste better in the country, “like at Hanshill.”
  • Still scrubbing soap scum and hard water stains every time I take a shower and still seeing no difference. BTW, if anyone has tips let me know.

This past weekend my MIL Beth came for a visit and we had a good time with her. The boys, of course, loved seeing Meemaw, and it was nice to have the extra help with them while we are still trying to get settled. The last of the boxes are out of the house now, but all that means is that stuff is now lying around the house rather than being stacked up in boxes. I have many pictures still to hang and much to organize. I’ve decided that I am of the “just get it unpacked” school of moving rather than the “get it all put in the right place” school.

We also had our first Sunday at church and I managed to convince Joe to just go to worship rather than worship and Sunday school. As it was we were inundated with new people to meet and I was overwhelmed. Everyone was very nice though and the younger boys did fine in the new nurseries. It was actually the first time that David had been in a church nursery; for the last 7 months, he has sat/slept with us in service. So it was quite a transition.

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