Saturday, April 28, 2007

Recent Happenings

We celebrated William's third birthday yesterday. Joe was off and so we had a family day of housework and yard work while the boys enjoyed playing with Will's new toys. Then, we had a family from down the street over for pizza, salad, and birthday cake!

Afterwards, we went "downtown" to the square for the opening night of the Natchez Trace Festival which had the usual offerings: chicken on a stick, gyros, funnel cakes, slushies, arts and crafts, and deep fried anything (oreos, dill pickles, etc.). And we wonder why Mississippi is the fattest state?! The highlight of the night was when we sat on a hill overlooking Gasoline Alley, which is where the motorcycle rally was held this morning. There were 2 teenagers there early though who zipped up and down the street performing wheelies, doing other tricks, and revving their engines. My boys were impressed!

I've also been enjoying my rose bush, which just started blooming this week. It is really healthy (no thanks to anything that I've done since I know almost nothing about roses) and is producing abundantly. Here is a bouquet that I put on my bedside table (yep, that's the one that we got as part of the free mahogany bedroom suite from Craigslist). When I am resting sometimes I catch a whiff of their gentle sweetness--very relaxing.

Lastly, can you stand more about my bagels? I am just so pleased with how they are turning out these days. Here's the tray I made for lunch: poppy seed, sesame seed, and an Italian bagel topping of oregano and garlic. So good!

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