Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Day off

Joe took Monday off in anticipation of the busyness of the next few weeks, and we went up the Natchez Trace about 25 minutes to French Camp, MS where spent the morning wandering around. It was a beautiful day and everything was brilliantly green after the steady rain we had gotten the past weekend. We “hiked” a bit (pregnant wife, two year old and four year old walking, and the one year old in a jogging stroller—let's just say that we didn't go very far...or very fast). We had a mid-morning snack in the woods and we enjoyed being together. The highlight of the trip was when Joe took Joseph and William out in a canoe. Will was petrified at first and cried frantically that he wanted to “go back to Mama” (who stayed safely on shore with David). Joe talked him through it though and later he couldn't even remember crying about being in the boat.


Katie said...

Hallie - You can't even tell you're pregnant in that first picture! You look fabulous. :)

Hallie Holland said...

That's exactly what my mom said! I'll have to post one of me now so you can see the changes.