Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring sickness

Well, I have been stuck at home for just over a week now keeping the germs of my three little ones from spreading far and wide. Joseph is on the mend as he got an antibiotic last Friday for his ear infection, and his cough seems to be dissipating too. William still had a nasty cough, but hasn't run a fever in a few days. He still has a busted front lip and scratches on his face from falling face first off of his bike yesterday. Poor David is the worst. We went back to the dr. for him again today and after 2 and 1/2 hours(!) of waiting and 10 minutes with the dr., we left with a diagnosis of double ear infections and some unidentifiable stomach bug. As for the long wait, I got to be that mom in the waiting room holding the screaming toddler while everyone else looks on. I had brought snacks, toys, books, and even our portable DVD player, but none of it worked on David after that first hour.

ANYWAY, that is my life right now. Sick boys and learning patience and peace in the middle of long days and fussy sick children. God is giving me rest in Him in these days and I am thankful for the discipline of hard times. I have been convicted that my Sovereign Lord has ordained each inconvenience and hindrance as part of His plan for my good and His glory. This has been fresh and real to me as I have served my little ones in these days of illness.

Let me challenge you to remember that anything that happens to you comes from His hand. Some of you have already learned this in bigger and harder ways, but we can always use a reminder, can't we? I have faced the petty difficulties of this past week with a busy husband and 3 sick children (and being almost 7 months preggers too :) ) with such a different perspective since being convicted of the realness of what believing in a sovereign God means. However, I'd better stop waxing eloquent about it now lest my tongue get ahead of my heart. I haven't learned the lesson completely (as I still react so often with anger or fighting for my "rights"), but I have a Gracious Teacher.


Anonymous said...

Hallie — Thank you. The words in your blog are both a simple reminder and a difficult challenge. Praise God for his patience with us! I too pray for more of his patience and grace in dealing with all of life's bumps. I am so thankful for you and your life. Keep on keeping on. You are an encouragement and strength-giver.

Anonymous said...
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Katie said...

I strive (with God's help) to be a mother who can say she is "thankful for the discipline of hard times" as you do!

Hallie Holland said...

It is interesting how this realization of God's hand in my hard times comes and goes so easily. Some days, I am so aware of His purposes in my daily little troubles and other days I get so angry and frustrated with little things. I want to keep a vision of His sovereignty in the daily things always in mind, but it is so easy to get distracted!