Thursday, March 08, 2007


I just had to post a quick link to Holly's blog tonight and an excellent piece she wrote today entitled "Communion Admist Chaos." I have been re-reading a book that I got just after I had Joseph-- Tender Mercy for a Mother's Soul, and have found that I disagree with the author. The thesis of the book is that women need to make space in their busy lives for time with Christ by slipping away from family duties and that we also should be pursuing outside "passions." I remember questioning this advice even as a very new mom, but now I see it even more clearly. While I am still encouraged by her drive to seek intimacy with Christ, I think her methods are too me-focused.

Which brings me to why I love Holly's post. Holly captures the need to commune with the Lord in the midst of daily life, not by shutting it out or resenting it. Her words are exactly what I need to hear and remind me to rejoice in the busyness of this season of life because it was ordained by God.


Katie said...

Hallie - Interesting! I have been reading Tender Mercy for a Mother's Soul (your mom gave it to me when Nate was born, but only now have I read more than the first chapter) and am intrigued by your observation that it is too me-focused. I think you are right! (By the way, I know this post if kind of old, but I'm reading through your archives this week!)

Hallie Holland said...

The bad thing is I told my mom that it was a great book after I read it 4 years ago and that is why she gives it away! Oops! What a difference time makes.
You'll have to read the post that Holly wrote and see what you think. It really captures where I am now and I love her writing--so encouraging!

Katie said...

OK--I'll read Holly's post.