Friday, February 23, 2007

Joyfully Naked

I have a question that I need some other mama opinions on. I only have the experience of my 3 little men, and I need the input of some of you girl mamas. Do girls like being naked too? My boys LOVE being naked and something about nakedness calls for wild romps around the house and running and giggling as fast as you can. There is a giddiness and joy that they get from being naked that is so uninhibited.

I was thinking about this before baths the other night and wondered if it was a guy thing. I am not excessively shy. Though I must admit to being a bit taken aback by those that parade around gym locker rooms naked for lengthy periods of time, I don't mind the normal changing-clothes-nakedness in locker rooms.

And I don't ever remember feeling joyously naked. Perhaps I did as a young child and have just forgotten that phase of life. But I definitely had some male friends in college that did feel joyously naked. There was one house of otherwise normal guys who were known for lounging around or even running around Grounds naked. Other friends streaked the Lawn (a university tradition and right of passage), but the odds of doing so were definitely higher for guys.

So, thus my query, is it a guy thing?

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Katie said...

I know this is an old post, but I had to give my new two cents: Nate loves running around naked after his bath. He dances and jumps (or tries to jump, at least) with extra vigor. I can't say yet, of course, whether Lucy will be the same way, but my niece on Jon's side does like going diaperless... So maybe it isn't just a guy thing but a childhood uninhibited joy thing. :)