Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Does anyone else ever worry that her blog is too whiney? As I walked to the living room to write and contemplated tonight’s entry, my mind went over my day and naturally cataloged all of my tiredness, complaints, pains, etc. That is my typical entry recently. And that is who I am a lot of the time. My husband is the optimist in this marriage and I am the realist (read: pessimist). My glass is always half (at least) empty and I think everyone else’s is too.

But, I know that is not focusing on God’s sufficiency for me. Not that I fall into the “Christians are perky all of the time” camp. I have read enough Amy Carmichael to know that is not true. I do, however, believe in a sovereign God. And that should change how I view even my bad days. The trick is living in that sovereignty daily and seeing it in the midst of sick boys, morning sickness, a very busy husband, and the routine self-sacrifice of being a mama. I want to abide in God’s presence in such a way that my heart overflows with His goodness—every day.

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