Thursday, August 25, 2011

Into the great wide open

We were running a little late this morning, as usual. We live less than a mile from Sycamore Park Elementary and plan to walk to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the weather is nice. And it was beautiful this morning. Warm, but with a gentle breeze that promises cooler days that are yet to come.

We took pictures on the front steps and started off. Three boys in backpacks. One mama clutching her coffee. And a daddy helping along the youngest son.

The walk there was fun. We passed the crazy cat lady's house. Only 6 cats were in sight this morning. She yelled out the door, "School's on this morning?"


Joe prayed over them as we walked. "Lord, help these boys to be lights for you in their school. Help them serve their teachers and be good friends to their classmates."

I prayed silently too for their protection and strength.

As we got closer to the school, we had to weave through the long line of cars waiting to drop kids off at the middle school across the street. Confession time: I would've put on more makeup if I had realized that I'd see so many people! Or rather that so many people would see me!

Our little Holland procession got smiles from the mothers of preteens. Were they remembering how just a few short years ago they were bringing their little ones to their first day of kindergarten? Were they smiling at the funny parade of Hollands--stair-step boys in khakis and polos? Backpack dwarfing five year old shoulders. Will's faux hawk. Joseph so tall and ready to go.

We stopped just outside the front door. I got kisses and hugs from each of them.

"Have a good day!"
"I love you."
"See you this afternoon!"

Will grabbed and picked up Charlie and in the overly-enthusiastic boyness that is Will, fell over on top of him. I heard the thunk of Charlie's head hitting the ground.

Charlie wails and this is suddenly not the peaceful and poignant goodbye that I had planned.

Is it ever?

"David, you will go right down the hall to the kindergarten pod. Joseph, you help him," Joe instructs.

As Joe holds Charlie, the three boys go inside. My little men. A gaggle of teachers waits just inside the door and chats with the boys. They each get their bus number written on the back of their hand so that they know where to go this afternoon.

I watch as they hesitate for a moment.

"Can you see them, Joe? Where is David?"

And then they are off. Down the hall. (In the right direction.)

"They didn't even look back....Good for them."


Anonymous said...

Wasn't so many years ago when you were hopping on a bus with L and off into the world and away from me! Loved your post!

Camille said...

So glad to hear from you :) Sorry this is the only way I get to catch up with you.