Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seeing Him in shades of gray

I don't like to blog unless I have everything figured out and can answer my own questions and sooth my own doubts. I am a "type A". I like everything in its place. My world is black and white, with very little sympathy for subtle shades of gray. I don't want to express something until I have it all figured out. Thus the silence of this blog for the last 6 months.

I don't have the answers yet and I am still struggling. Still getting settle in a new place. Still downsizing. Still starting over. Still overwhelmed. Still tired.

But part of where the Lord is leading me right now is allowing me to "suffer" (not in the real and big sufferings that so many people face, just in the small daily things) and allowing my questions to linger. I am learning to be content in Him, in being reconciled to the Father through Christ, and in being fully loved as His daughter. In knowing His love for me. In trusting in His goodness towards me.


Jan Johnson said...

thank you for your honesty. . . it is truly an encouragement to the rest of us sinners! :)

Unknown said...

these words you wrote over a year ago have encouraged me today. Just wanted you to know. (I think you should blog more!) xoxo