Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update pictures

I don't know why I haven't been blogging much recently. There has been a lot going on though.

The boys and I have ventured into homeschooling and are surviving so far. We are using the Phonics Museum by Veritas Press, Saxon 1, and supplementing with extra books. The boys are learning a lot and are proud of themselves. They are also realizing that school is not always fun--that it is just hard work some days. But that is a good lesson too. :)These are some of our sweet friends from church who come over for lunch on Fridays.

Joseph and Will are on a soccer team this fall and we are all really enjoying it. They lost their first game Tuesday and will play again tomorrow.

Charlie is growing by leaps and bounds and is already starting to loose some of that cute "newly walking" baby toddle that I love.
David goes back to the pediatric endocrinologist in October. I have been stuffing him full of food, but he is still SO skinny.

Joe and I are going to two church planter assessments in November to help us discern God's calling in our lives. It is very exciting, but also stressful and unsettling.Joe is getting over shingles. He told me today for the first time that the pain was starting to lessen a bit.

We got a super new-to-us camera that is so cool and fancy. It takes fabulous pics, but they are hard to upload!


Katie said...

I love the pictures!--especially you and Joe. You look young and in love. ;)

Ashley Hales said...

Hi Hallie, I'm friends with Katie and found your blog via hers. :) Is one of the Church Planting assessments through the PCA? We went through the one in Atlanta last February and really thought the process was wonderful. We're now doing a year-long apprenticeship at Harbor Pres. in San Diego. If it is the PCA's Atlanta Assessment, Doug and Lois Swagerty (from Harbor) should be some of your assessors in Nov. Feel free to email me at aahales AT gmail DOT com.