Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back to Budgeting

When Joe was in seminary in Charlotte and I was home with Joseph, we lived on his part-time internship salary and our savings. We were so young and lived very simply. God provided abundantly for us during that time (as He still does today), but I have many stories specifically of His provisions for us financially then.

I also was very careful with our money and have realized recently that I have grown sloppy about it. Inspired by the women at Frugal Hacks and Money Saving Mom, I have reinstated a tighter grocery budget and am looking forward to the challenge of keeping to it. I am learning how to do the CVS system and am cutting back on our weekly Wal-mart grocery run.

Towards that end, I have also become an affiliate of Crystal's Supermarket Savings 101 e-course. Crystal runs Biblical Womanhood, which is a site that exists "to promote femininity and build up women as they embrace their Biblical callings." It is a great site to check out as it is full of thought-provoking articles on being a Godly wife, on graceful parenting, on cheerful frugality, and on current news. Crystal's posts on her blog often provoke intense debate from a spectrum of viewpoints.

Crystal is a savvy business woman who has written many e-books that she sells on the site in addition to traditional hard copy books on family, womanhood, modesty, marriage, etc. Her Supermarket Savings 101 course started with an e-book that she wrote about feeding her family on $35 a week that she then expanded into an online course. The e-course is only $8.97 for the next 48 hours and also includes 6 other ebooks.

Click here to learn more about the course and buy it. And as a bonus, I'll get a little money back for being an affiliate!

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