Monday, November 17, 2008

I survived a week at the PCA MNA Assessment Center

We are home and settling back into the routine. The Assessment Center was intense, but so good. It was amazingly intimidating to be judged all week, even if I knew that the assessors where wanting to discern how we could best be used in God's kingdom. We have our hearts set on church planting, and so it was such a weird position to have our plans hanging in the balance until we were approved. But, in the end, we were recommended for church planting and were greatly encouraged by the whole process.

It was so fun to find friends among people who were excited about seeing the church planted in new areas--people who were passionate about Jesus and His call to ministry in their lives. I am praying for James and Sindy, who have moved to Ca. in hopes of planting a church there, and that their house would sell soon in St. Louis. I am thankful for good conversation with Kate--a kindred spirit from Miami who is the mama of two little boys. I am praying for Kristy and McCay, who know so many of the same people from MS that we do. Kristy is a non-denim-jumper-wearing homeschooling mama too and she is doing the same curriculum we are. I wish I could've had time to ask her 500 questions! Then there are Bradley and Meda, an RUF couple who don't know where God is leading, but who are ready to go. Jon and Mary Love, Joe and Josie, Jon and Jennifer, Steve and Huyn Soo, Bob and Marilee--all couples who we connected with as we shared the common experience.

It was humbling and convicting to sit under the teaching and direction of the gifted assessors who gave their time to try to help discern where God is calling us. I was blessed by their thoughtful critiques and wisdom. I am praying for their churches too.

The week reminded me again that Jesus is building His church. That the kingdom is advancing. And I am excited to see how our family can be a part of that growth!


Ashley Hales said...

I'm so glad to hear you had such a good time and I'm glad to hear you were approved. Indeed it is an intense time and a bonding one too with the other candidates! I hope your boys did well without you and your husband.

Hallie Holland said...

It was easier for me than I expected and much harder on the boys. Will and Joseph both missed us, but were such big boys about it too. David starting being scared of the dark while there and brought that fear back home. We haven't had to deal with that before from him or any of the other boys! And poor little Charlie refused to nap while there! He is getting teeth too.

I didn't miss them (I had thought that I would), but it was harder than I expected for them to be out of their usual routines and the security that is our home.

Joe's mom and sister were tireless in their care for them and we are so thankful for them.